The only Asian-Irish hangover cure you will ever need!

Keeping in mind that St. Patrick's Day fell on a Friday this year, we are well aware that for many this has become 'St. Patrick's weekend'. This likely means a pretty sizeable hang over. And what do we all want when we're paying for our transgressions the next day? Comfort food- typically full of flavour and salt and fat. So why not try this Irish classic combined with Fun Soy Chipotle for a delicious and much healthier alternative to the usual rubbish consumed when feeling a bit worse for wear?

You probably already have several of the ingredients in the kitchen, so if you can bear to pop out to grab the remaining few, this is the easy answer today. Hearty, full of flavour, and perfect both for the kiddies as well as any grown-ups who might be suffering somewhat today. 

Take a look at the recipe here- and we'll be back soon on our blog with more recipes made perfect with your favourite Fun Soy flavours 味!

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