Spring forward with Fun Soy Lemongrass!

It's the 26th of March. The sun is shining. It's Mother's Day. The people of London have cast off their winter coats and heavy black boots, and walk the streets cheerfully in their macs and tan loafers. The clocks have gone forward. Which all adds up to one delicious conclusion- it is officially Spring!

So let's start as we mean to go on, and do something fresh and new, shall we? This incredibly 'Springy' and colourful recipe is a delightful alternative to just buying the same old shop-bought thing. And with a few splashes of Fun Soy Lemongrass  in the mix to enhance the lavender, it's a brilliant unique take on a treat worthy of the yummiest Mummy!

Take a look at the recipe here- and we'll be back soon on our blog with more recipes made perfect with your favourite Fun Soy flavours 味!

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