So this weekend we went back to where it all started, almost a year ago, to the food hall at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge.

They were our first ever stockists, and we just love mixing and mingling with both the wonderful staff and international clientele alike, giving everyone the opportunity to try Fun Soy before they buy!

Our favourite part is, and always has been, seeing first hand the reactions of people from all over the world to the bold flavours of our products. Just imagine our utter delight upon hearing a fantastic couple hailing all the way from Japan repeatedly declare our soy sauces to be '美味し' (Oishi!- meaning DELICIOUS!).

The support and opinions of our Fun Soy-ers means so much to us, and hearing such praise from individuals from the land that has given the world what is generally considered to be the best soy sauce around, was a major coup! Thank you once again to Harvey Nichols and their amazing customers!

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