Live it up before you give it up with Fun Soy and an Asian inspired Pancake Day!!

Shrove Tuesday marks the final day before Lent commences in the Christian calendar...meaning it's time to live it up before you give it up! It's a day to satiate all those lovely vices you'll be going without during the annual penitential period. In some fabulous far off lands, this means carnival type celebrations such as Mardi Gras. For many, it's the push we need to start getting into shape for the warmer weather and wedding season. And here in the UK, it is synonymous with just one thing- Pancakes! 

Now, if like us here at Fun Soy, lemon juice and sugar just doesn't do it for you, why not try an alternative? There are oodles of Asian 'pancake' dishes that serve as a wonderful treat and you can take a look at a few recipes here. All you need is Fun Soy to really add the wow factor to your goodies! And you know it's better for you than most other things you'll consume on this most indulgent of days!

So enjoy, and we'll be back soon on our blog with more recipes made perfect with your favourite Fun Soy flavours 味!

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