Get back on track with Fun Soy!

So Easter was fun. And we've made it through that slightly spaced out Tuesday that we all struggle with following the long weekend. But now it's time to take stock of the massive amounts of the many rich, salty, sugary, fatty, and alcoholic things we ate and drank during the festivities.

In this vein, we're bringing you a hearty, healthy, and vitamin rich carrot based dish to help get you back on track and headed for fit and healthy glory by the Summer months! Just be sure to swap out the salt for oodles of Fun Soy Truffle to the yoghurt for that luxe and moreish aspect to help ease you back into good habits! Just because it's better for you doesn't mean it can't be bold in flavour! 

Take a look at the recipe here- and we'll be back soon on our blog with more recipes made perfect with your favourite Fun Soy flavours 味!

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