Fun Soy for all the family!

If you cast your eye over our website, this blog, our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, you can see that we're keen to encourage you to incorporate our sauces in a wide variety of dishes and cuisines. Whether it be classic Asian, modern British, European, desserts or snacks, we want you to try it all the Fun Soy way!

The flavours are big and vibrant, so many have a clear favourite. This often depends upon diet, lifestyle and individual palate. We have received overwhelming interest from all manner of folk, from all over the world. And we are extremely happy and proud to be able to say that the sauces have become a firm favourite amongst the pickiest of groups. And we're not talking about serious foodies or health and fitness enthusiasts (although we do have a very big following of those too!), we're talking about the people that can without a doubt be the hardest to please at times...kiddiwinks!

It turns out that children are only too happy to liberally apply our sauces to their food! And upon discovering that our products are also better for you than a great number of the alternatives out there, parents are only too happy to let them! Sandy (a health conscious, currently pregnant, busy working Mum) recently wrote to us from Stockholm to express the following;

"The entire family loves Fun Soy! Our 3 year old little boy Frank (see photo) is probably the biggest fan, using it on meals as well as on ice cream and popcorn. It's also a great way to get him to try new foods- as long as he can have some Fun Soy on it, he'll give it a try!"

You can find the sauces available to purchase here- so why not procure some for your family and get them on the road to Fun Soy fandom too!

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